How does PowerPoint sharing enhance online meetings

Deliver a product or service presentation and enrich your sales pitch to your customers wherever they are by sharing a PowerPoint presentation with them in real-time with PortSIP Unified Communications.

Instead of wasting time emailing over a large PowerPoint file to your prospective customers and continually telling them which slide you’re on, simply share your own presentation with them and walk them through the key points.

Target a host of existing or potential customers at once with PowerPoint sharing! Just imagine how long it would take to have to email your presentation to many different customers and then call them up one by one and go over the presentation with them. Avoid that nightmare by leveraging the PowerPoint sharing feature within PortSIP Unified Communications and see your productivity rise whilst propelling your sales.

Drastically Reduce Your Costs with PowerPoint Sharing

Save considerable time and money by carrying out your meetings from the comfort of your own office instead of having to travel to and from your customers’ offices. PortSIP Unified Communications brings you and your customers together in a more personal and impactful way as it replicates nearly all the facets of a one-to-one meeting. Why spend money and time travelling when PortSIP Unified Communications allows you to see your customer’s facial cues as well as hear their tone of voice when delivering your PowerPoint presentation.

Collaborate and Build Powerful Presentations with Your Colleagues

It can be tricky creating good PowerPoint presentations with your colleagues if they’re in the same office as you. So just imagine how difficult and time consuming it can be if they’re offsite! PortSIP Unified Communications breaks down those barriers, allowing you to collaborate and create presentations with your colleagues as if you were all sat at the same desk. Simply invite your colleagues to an online meeting and let the brainstorming begin!

Brainstorming ideas for a new presentation can be a challenge, especially if your colleagues aren’t with you. PortSIP Unified Communications takes care of your brainstorming needs too as you can see your colleagues’ facial expressions as well as hear. Take your brainstorming sessions to the next level by sharing your ideas and presentation content with your colleagues using PortSIP Unified Communications’s online whiteboard. Once you are all happy with the presentation, transfer your collaborated thoughts over to the PowerPoint file you’re working on.

Before finalising your presentation, you might need to share other documents or files with the team. PortSIP Unified Communications allows you to share all sorts of documents and files such as PDF’s, Word and Excel documents and anything else you need to ensure your presentation is perfect.

Convey your ideas more clearly by using markup and annotations over the PowerPoint slides and other document pages and share your screen or just a single application or video to enhance your meeting.

Bring your meetings to life by sharing your PowerPoint presentations with PortSIP Unified Communications!

Key Features:

  • Share your PowerPoint presentations and other applications
  • Easy to use
  • Share documents and files
  • Text chat and file transfer
  • Brainstorm more effectively with the online whiteboard

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