What are the benefits of desktop sharing?

Executing the perfect sales pitch over the phone can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be. With PortSIP PBX’s desktop sharing feature, it’s now possible to show your participants everything your business offers without even leaving the office. Take your customers virtually by the hand and guide them through your product or service offerings and answer any questions that are fired at you right away. Whether you need to carry out team meetings, sales presentations, or trainings, you will find that PortSIP PBX will help you use your time more efficiently and effectively.

Train Customers and Staff Effectively

Easily roll out new products and services across your business in days instead of months by sharing your desktop with many participants. Providing you with real time cross-office collaboration among many colleagues. And by sharing the same screen content, such as an image, a graph, or a chart, your participants can see exactly what you are referring to avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding.

Drastically Reduce Your Costs

By using the PortSIP PBX desktop sharing feature in employee training, your business can save considerable money on training costs as you no longer need to pay for projectors and travelling costs. Instead, a lecturer’s teaching material can easily be shared from his or her computer screen.

Just think about that for a moment. Companies are spending thousands on sending their training staff around the world. With online desktop sharing, your business no longer needs to worry about booking flights, hotels and venues. Forget the everyday travel expenses, the nightmare of losing baggage and answering customer queries such as “is there parking at the venue?” Simply schedule your web conference, invite your customers using the automated invite feature and begin sharing your screen and interacting with them as if you were sat right next to them.

Take online training to the next level by utilizing desktop sharing features as a participant pointer and whiteboard to engage trainees and create an interactive learning environment. Session time is shortened because desktop sharing saves you the time that you would have spent describing what you see to meeting participants.

Boost Your Customer Service

Desktop sharing goes even further as it allows you to troubleshoot customer and colleagues queries, regardless of the distance between you! Your employees can be in any location and can still collaborate and learn from their colleagues. Additionally, customers who need assistance with using new software, working through technical problems, or changing settings can use screen sharing feature to have an experienced computer technician help them.

Desktop sharing with PortSIP PBX transforms two dimensional audio communication into an interactive, audio visual experience that makes meetings more productive.

Key Features:

  • Share your desktop and other applications
  • Easy to use
  • Share documents and files
  • Text chat and file transfer
  • Whiteboard feature