Host a webinar

Set up and host webinars with PortSIP Unified Communications in minutes without the need of your IT support staff.

Generate better-qualified leads for less whilst presenting your product or service to hundreds of potential customers from your PC or Mac.

Seamlessly switch from showing your product video on YouTube to your site and then back to your PowerPoint presentation is just a few mouse clicks.

PortSIP Unified Communications allows you to easily host webinars and invite your participants to register. Whilst hosting your webinar, leverage PortSIP Unified Communications’ powerful webinar features such as providing Q and A sessions, muting participants and bringing in other participants to co-host your webinar.

Key Webinar Features:

  • Easily set up and host webinars
  • Schedule and invite participants
  • Instant messaging and private chat
  • Document, video, presentation and file sharing
  • Share your desktop
  • Remote control the PC of one of your participant
  • File transfer
  • Mute participants
  • Record the webinar
  • “Raise your hand” feature

Try out PortSIP Unified Communications today! Download PortSIP PBX and enable PortSIP Unified Communications.